Surrogate Mother Cost

Most prospective intended parents get hock when they realize that surrogacy cost can be anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 USD

Below you can find a breakdown of surrogacy cost connected with a surrogacy journey and when you look at it line by line you can see where you can perhaps save money and where you may not have any control over the cost.

surrogacy costs
surrogacy costs

Surrogate mother cost range and extra charges

20,000-35,000 USD this is a regular surrogate base reimbursement. Note that time surrogate mothers usually get less than proven surrogate mothers

Some extra charges

  • 500-2,500 USD for C-Section
  • 5,000 USD for multiple pregnancy
  • 1,500 USD for surrogate mother expenses like maternity clothing
  • 6,000 USD health insurance for the surrogate mother (if she doesn't have one)
surrogate mother cost
surrogate mother cost

More about surrogacy costs

Surrogacy agency: 10,000-20,000 USD if you decide to work with a surrogacy agency you need to consider the agency fe

Legal fees: 5,000 USD you will need a lawyer to help you with the surrogacy contract and the legal paperwork

Fertility fees: 3,000-20,000 USD this cost can vary significantly depending os insurance coverage, drugs needed, fresh IVF vs FET,

This is a standard surrogacy cost list, however you need to be aware that there are a lot of carriable that is almost impossible to predict, for example how much fertility treatments will cost or whether the surrogate mother will have need a caesarian section or how many transfers will be needed to achieve the pregnancy. As you can see the surrogate mother cost can be quite variable to you and your surrogate specific situation.

what is the cost of surrogacy
what is the cost of surrogacy

Cut your surrogacy cost

When you start, you need to make a lot of decision regarding your surrogacy journey and some of them can impact in the final cost of your surrogacy process. Bellow we will find two decisions you can make that can make you save money

  • Go independently (work without a surrogacy agency). This may be a challenging decision and it will depend on your personal situation however you can find a surrogate mother without the support of an agency, for example through your family, friends or using Facebook groups. If you decided to go independent, make sure you hire a reputable attorney that help you with all the legal paperwork.
  • Match with a surrogate who has a health insurance which covers surrogate pregnancies. Some insurance companies are now explicitly rejecting coverage for surrogate mother pregnancies even when they cover a regular pregnancy.

These two choices can help you to reduce surrogacy cost by 15,000 -25,000 USD; on top, you can reduce your surrogate mother cost if you can find an altruistic surrogate mother and pay only for all reasonable expenses incurred during the pregnancy (it's difficult to quantify how much you can save because these expenses will vary depending on the surrogate mothers' circumstances).

For intended parents without adequate funds, there are possibilities to finance the cost of surrogacy. As with any loan, consider your options prudently and read the fine print of any loan contract to understand how the interest rates and repayment are arranged.

The full costs of surrogacy (including egg donor and surrogate mother cost) can change depending on the country you choose to pursue surrogacy. In the previous list, you will find standard surrogacy cost however if you need a more accurate estimation you would need to contact with a surrogacy agency directly.

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